Persistent troll in VML forum

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    There's a guy over on the VML forum violating rules left, right, and centre. Yet he is still able to post, even after violating TOS as per one censored post. No suspension?

    This is the quality of his input:

    From his writings, it's apparent that he's a teenager. I'm guessing someone's kid that got allocated a small amount of money to play with.

    I don't understand why he hasn't been permabanned. All he's doing is polluting the threads with nonsense and abuse towards others. In addition to that, mods don't take action until a report is manually made. How are you going to allow this kind of posting to occur without actively taking action?

    Here is the thread in question. It starts on page 2. Look at the amount of censored posts. Mind you, some were outright deleted, so there's more.
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