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    Afternoon Mate,
    Will reply to your E-mail in due course, been flat out like a lizzard drinkin' here....getting things ready for Christmas. We have 14 coming for lunch on the BIG DAY so the clean up is on....inside and out....and like the man with the wheel barrow, I've got the job in front of me!! Especially in the garden department.
    Have a couple of newsletters that I receive regularly, will be happy to pass them on, keep you closer to action on Oz so to speak.
    Presume you are receiving TL's Daily, so I wont include that one.
    Great to see our sector finally stirring, I had to laugh at your post saying "Ho, hum.....wake me at $3:30..... there were a lot of alarm bells ringing on this forum to wake you!! Very popular identity indeed!
    Talk later Perrenial,
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