Permanent Lockdown - That's the only logical conclusion

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    The ABC recently put this piece (below) out to show how marvellous COV19 restrictions have been in saving lives from the seasonal FLU. It states that last year we had 430 deaths between January - July (2019) due to the seasonal FLU. So far this year, just 36 deaths (for the same period)! WOW...that is a spectacular result.

    I suppose that means we must maintain the current regime of restrictions indefinitely...after all, it is claimed, "This is the new normal."

    Read for yourselves...
    ABC 'Flu Deaths Drop...'

    Based upon the logic and policy of 'elimination' and 'zero death' with regard to COVID, I assume that the same applies for the FLU. Right?! I mean, it's just logical. Sure, COVID seems more contagious and deadly, but the FLU took 430 up to JULY last year...that's still very deadly for our elderly folk and people with pre-existing respiratory ailments.

    The LOGIC must be to LOCK down society indefinitely!!! Please tell me I'm wrong and why? Because, I'm struggling to comprehend the difference in policy approach for these two virus (strains from the same COV family). Now that our restrictions prove that we can save lives from the seasonal FLU in this manner...surely we must keep doing this lockdown...ongoing...the new NORM!!!

    Am I right? Or am I missing something?
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