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perhaps leadville is higher than expected...

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    The expected top of the Leadville Formation has aleady been adjusted upwards at least 2 times now from pre-drill prognosis.

    Jow they are running logs over the relevent intervals, one would assume to get a better handle on things given the obvious error creeping into their sismic interpretation...and clearly surprising gas find in the Alkali Gulch Memeber.

    Is it possible, that the margin between the Alkali Gulch and Leadville formations are less defined in this location? If so, is there a chance they may already be in the upper margin of Leadville?

    I will not pusue this beyond supposition for now, but given they clearly have innacurate data on the current levels...and have felt the need to both confirm the nature of the recent gas hit, as well as presumably confirm the "geology" of the is inclined to feel they may be scratching their heads here.

    Could the next annuncement be..."Leadville formation encounterd higher than expected"???

    If so, it would have significant ramifications for the recent high pressured zone and ongoing high background gas readings.

    Lateral thinking?

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