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perfume company's sandalwood nut breakthrough

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    It's a wonder none of you saw this ... looks like TFC may need to evaluate whether focussing just on Indian sandalwood is wise. One could speculate they may need to take a look at growing Aussie sandalwood as well? In any case, this is great news for producers of sandalwood nuts ;) Looking at a record harvest this year. Some growers are recording yields up to 200kg/ha ... now if TFC did begin planting Aussie sandalwood, I may just be convinced to buy their shares


    Perfume company's breakthrough
    03 Dec, 2009 09:17 AM

    A MAJOR technology breakthrough could lead to significant growth and greater international recognition for a local company.

    Sandalwood oil producer Mount Romance hopes to provide more jobs and an increased revenue stream after its chemists discovered how to extract oil and a protein from sandalwood nuts and seeds.

    The result is a world-wide first, anti-ageing product range developed from Western Australias natural resources.

    The production is considered a great step forward by the company.

    It has given us the opportunity to expand significantly, Mount Romance managing director David Brocklehurst said.

    He praised industrial chemist Andrew Brown for literally cracking the nut by discovering the benefits of the oil and protein and how to commercially extract it for mass production.

    The technology development was early this year, he said.

    Through patience and expertise it has enabled us to extract the oil commercially.

    It was a difficult oil to separate from gums in the nut.

    Mr Brocklehurst said about 14,000 hectares of sandalwood trees had been planted over the last 10 years.

    This had increased and they were now being planted at a rate of 3,000 hectares per year.

    We anticipate that three to four hundred tonnes of sandalwood nuts per year will be harvested which will generate more than $6 million at the farm gate, he said.

    If Mt Romance were to convert that to raw materials, that would generate more than $12 million for Mt Romance and create at least 10 more jobs.

    Mount Romance paid for independent testing of the product in the USA.

    The development has opened up the potential of new cosmetics markets for the Down Road-based company.

    The companys product will be marketed directly in Australia, with the oil and protein sold as raw material to global cosmetic companies.

    We want Albany people to be the first to try this, Mr Brocklehurst said.

    Mr Brocklehurst said more than 90 per cent of the harvested sandalwood tree was now turned into a product for the perfume industry.
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