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    Morning Perrenial,
    I've been holding Exco for a while and just recently topped up again, 'bout three weeks before drilling began. It's looking interesting, but time will tell if it turns out to be "very interesting"!!.
    Malachite seem to be settling down, 200 of the 300k sold on day one by one holder who needed the loot, "fire sale" stuff. Price at the moment, taking into account the free half option, is around breakeven with the best yet to come, IMHO.
    BTW, I include those sentiments for Clough as well, they closed the day at NTA backing, so are still cheap,
    once again, in my humble opinion.
    I went to the Austminex meeting yesterday and came away suitably impressed. Had a long chat to both Tom Eadie and Peter Vanderspuy after the meeting and am confident holding, albeit my average entry price is somewhat lower that the closing price yesterday. Have been accumulating these babies for quite a while.
    Tony couldn't make the meeting, but I'll be catching up with him over the weekend. He's meeting with Tom today.
    Peter Vanderspuy is a very impressive, interesting and determined bloke......a wealth of information re South African Resources, the political scene and who's who in the zoo there.
    Anyhow, I have to run for a couple of hours, will catch up later in the day, ie if you are around.
    BTW, are you in Australia?
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