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    I don't normally make calls like this...but I expect SLT should push through 60c next week and head into the low 70's within 2-3 weeks!

    Big call?...perhaps, but judging by last weeks pattern of trading, an upward move seems very likely.

    I have to laugh; after reading back over some of the previous SLT posts, it appears that some people are concerned that SLT is trading solely on sentiment, that it has no income to speak of...and not even any contracts!

    lol...they just don't get it!

    SLT is a "speculative stock" and is currently being traded on the potential of its products...that's all!

    If you want hard figures or if you are risk averse, I suggest you stay away from SLT for now!

    In fact...if you are risk averse, you should stay away from all "speculative" stocks and invest only in nice safe stocks like AMP or something...mmmm...on second thoughts, perhaps you should stay away from the markets all together!

    The share market is a strange beast; You should never turn your back on it, yet never become too familiar with it either, or you might just get your head bitten off!

    I have learnt the hard way that there are no "sure-things" when it comes to trading "speculative" stocks...there are however, some stocks that are better risks than others!

    So let me put this on record;

    For all sorts of reasons, mainly mentioned in previous posts, I think SLT is worth the risk! In addition, it appears to be trending upwards and with announcements expected shortly regarding commercialisation of several products, I can't see any reason why this would suddenly change.

    The relatively unexciting announcement regarding the new development manager recently released, gives a few clues as to how the shares might perform once some really "meaty" announcements finally come out!

    So, when they do finally release a good announcement (or 2), it will no-doubt cause a short term "spike" in price, pushing the shares into "over-bought" teritory. Exactly how high and when is hard to say, but I would expect a 20-40% daily surge may be in order followed by the inevitable re-trace...but this will not be the last of it.

    I imagine that a short time after these announcements and subsequent rise in shareprice, the media will finally have something worthy of mention and the general public will suddenly "discover" SLT. This will attract yet another round of buyers and the whole process will start again.

    This is how it worked with UNI...which, overvalued or not, has gained general support from the public and is trading at much higher valuations...and still doesn't have any income or contracts to speak of!

    Never be the first to buy into a stock...but never be the last!

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