people who no nothing

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    Seems that those mixing in certain circles seem to not remember things. Here is an example of such an instances. Explains why certain people no nothing when the crunch comes.

    Witness blanked out Moran killing

    April 09, 2008
    A WOMAN who was standing so close to the killer of underworld identity Lewis Moran that she felt the heat from the murder weapon, has told a court she remembers almost nothing of the incident.

    Sandra Sugars, a manager at the Melbourne club in which Moran was gunned down in March 2004, said she had been standing in between the victim and his assailant.

    But she said that from the time she noticed that the man was wearing a balaclava until he had fled the scene, she could recall little.

    She could not identify accused murderer Evangelos Goussis, or anyone else, as the killer because her body "closed down".

    Ms Sugars said she saw Moran running toward her, followed by another figure.

    As Moran approached her he called to her to get out of the way and then pushed her aside.

    As she fell, Ms Sugars grabbed Moran to steady herself.

    Security footage of the incident shows the gunman catching up to Moran at that point.

    With Ms Sugars standing between them, the gunman then raises a pistol and fires a shot at Moran.

    He then kneels down and fires again at Moran from a distance of only a few centimetres.

    Ms Sugars said she could only remember hearing gunshots.

    "My body shut down," she said.

    "I closed my eyes to try to get rid of the sounds of the bullets. I don't remember seeing anything around me after seeing the balaclava.

    "The last image I saw of Lewis was with his hands above his face."

    The court had earlier been told that Ms Sugars had received slight burns from the killer's gun.

    The Supreme Court trial before Judge Betty Lewis continues
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