people quoting media on carbon tax

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    Have you not yet worked out it's all agenda driven?

    Far out, it's so obvious yet people quote it. I can't believe the level (there lack of) education and common sense in this country. We are becoming more like america driven.

    I actually worked for Group M media for a few years (largest media agency globally), you'd lose your mind if you knew how brainwashed and manipulative the media is. It made me sick, you honestly have no clue till you see it for yourself.

    Murdoch (owns News Corp) hates Labor and Greens because it means he makes less $$$ and so do his mates in the mining/resources sector.
    They don't give a sh-t about emerging technologies and the long term future...they just want to protect their assets.

    Do you really think Murdoch gives a flying duck about you (the average australian)?

    Wake up Australia!!
    Surely we are not this dumb?
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