BIG 0.00% $2.22 big un limited

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    I am the same and holding 3 times more stocks than 1 year ago and would not mind to even buy more as my belief is 100%
    and it is only a matter of time hmmm I don't hold stocks long in my trading as I am not an investor but for RAU the reward is certainly worth the risk and so much potential
    for upside.


    I think the upgrades will come sooner than you believe so next news will have to be two BFSs and upgrades and I like the fact that they say "financiers" it is vital to get the big boys for capital when thay are ready for production hmmm
    even if they only deliver 100,000 oz per year or say 50,000 a year at a net profit of say 600bucks ....hey they will make a good profit and I can't see the sp remain 2.8 cents really.Iron ore well that is a different ball game!!!
    DML is valued at over 100mils, SFR 300mil, CDU 700mil and no income RAU 30mil ha logic and common sense do not apply in market it is perception more.
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