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people are selling

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    Interesting to see people were selling out today as the news are not what they were expecting and this is what happen when one expects too much only to get dissapointed and stock market is built for dissapointment and those survive long enough would understand this, todays news is a good news and obviously a neccessary step by the sound of it so they have to do it and the "new comers" got dissapointed and that is really fair enough when ones buy in the hope of a quick profit on expectation of upgrade etc etc then when the news is not what they like then out they go and even they have to take some loss but most probably the long timers see this all the time and this patern will repeat again so hey it is a normal life for RAU at this point really but hey I have given myself 3 years for RAU to turn to 25c so small fluctuations are of little concern to me and if that happens in 3 years then hmmmm still a mighty return, but if it comes sooner hmmm it is better and in stock market it is absolutely possible, still enjoying the journey.
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