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penny hasnt dropped

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    It hasn't been noticed by all but a few (us) that this company has just been given the green light to sell into a market of 360 million men, women and children, let alone 4 legged and feathered and furry and fleecy planetary inhabitants. The penny just hasn't dropped . IMHO an SLA share is already worth 5 times what it is now. I would say that a couple of instos are already running the price down and picking up a quick squillion shares 10 to 15 cents unders. Every million shares they hoover up for their fund saves $100 k or even $150k per parcel. They turn around to the funds and say look we are $150k up even when the shares drift back to $1.50. then all of a sudden they will be $300k up at $1.65 and alls well at home base for the funds in question. Hold hard team there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on. It could shoot skywards when the reality of the magnitude of the announcement yesterday getting RMOH permission to market into a populace nearly 20 times the size of ours hits home. It really is just the most serious and amazing (at the same time) achievement. So, genuine congratulations from all (and I mean all - not even those that contribute negatively would begrudge this) shareholders and Australians as this is the country that was entrusted with the finalisation and landing of what will prove to be a milestone in medical and human and animal existence and history on Earth. Good old Mother Earth, she's a beauty, there's nothing like her anywhere else, and she has raised the energy and has hit back. Mother Earth Strikes Back! Stick around for the next phase.
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