Penis biting fish

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    Penis-biting fish go wild as men pee in river

    July 09 2001 at 09:09AM

    Port Moresby - Two Papua New Guinea fishermen bled to death after their penises were bitten off by pirahna-like river fish that pursue their prey by following urine trails in the water, police said.

    The two men died in separate attacks several days apart on the Sepic River in Papua New Guinea's jungled northwest last month, but police say they have just confirmed the horrific rumours which have struck terror into the local communities.

    In both incidents, the fish demonstrated a trait of the piranha by following the urine trail in the water, swimming to its source and then biting it off with their razor-sharp teeth.

    Marine biologist Ian Middleton said he believed the fish had been introduced from across the PNG-Indonesia border.

    "The killer fish have the most human-like teeth on the bottom jaw I have ever seen and quite possibly feed on insects," he told Australian Associated Press.

    Middleton said he believed the killer fish had started biting humans because of a lack of naturally occurring food.

    "The reason for biting people on their genitals I believe is a result of the fish detecting a chemical change in the water, swimming up the urine trail and biting the genitals." - Sapa-AFP

    Now if they could just take their teeth out it might not be so bad, :-)

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