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    According to Avanco's announcements, here are the following turn around times for assay results. This is purely based on the company's announcements, which is all we have to go on:

    Holes ARVD 107 to 116 --> 9 weeks.
    Holes ARVD 118 to 124 --> 8 weeks.
    Holes ARVD 125 to 136 --> less than 8 weeks
    Holes ARVD 137 to 141 --> currently at lab
    Hole ARVD 146--------> currently at lab

    And then this from TP in their latest announcement.

    "Assay times are beginning to improve in spite of increasing drilling times in brazil. With the pending delivery of a second core-saw, further improvements are envisaged."

    At play here are two interesting events (mentioned on HC previous to this) which may give some indication of when we might see these assay resutls. Turn around times for lab testing have improved as Avanco's 50,000 m drilling campaign becomes more efficient in operation. Hole 146 was fast tracked to the lab, which to me, suggests a whiff of urgency to get these results in. ie they are excited about these results!!

    So... how long will we have to wait???? The boundary of possible answers are from today to never, however, I am going with under 6 weeks not inc. typhoon disruptions etc.

    Can anyone on HC add some information to this so we can better understand the scope of lab testing and turn around times?

    Much appreciated.
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