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    Looks like this is the announcement we have been waiting for.
    (extract from the Trading Halt request)

    "Pending an announcement of an agreement in
    relation to its Vietnam bauxite project"

    This has got to be one the best value species on the market.

    Atlantic are currently in discussions with the Vietnamese Government and Vinacomin in relation to expanding Bao Loc project area and other potential joint venture operations, including the proposed railway to be constructed to the port at Ke Ga

    * Vinacomin are currently building a Refinery directly adjacent to the Atlantic Application.

    * High grade,low impurities product

    * Potential to significantly expand project area

    * Outstanding opportunity to leverage strong market fundamentals for bauxite

    * Close proximity to key markets including China,Korea,Japan and Taiwan

    * Strong relationship with Vinacomin(VietnameseSOE)and Vietnamese Government.

    * Opportunity to work with Vinacomin and Vietnamese Government to develop bauxite resource for the benefit of Atlantic shareholders and the Vietnames people

    * Drilling Bao Loc December Q09

    * In 2008, worldwide alumina refining capacity totalled approximately 90 million tonnes and global alumina demand is forecast to increase to 124 million tonnes by 2017.

    And the bit I like most of all Michael Minosora ex CFO from Fortescue Metals

    This one has it all...short term trading (as has been the case for the past three months) and long term potetial into a world class operation.

    Glad to be on board
    Good luck all holders
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Currently unlisted public company.

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