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Without saying what I do for a living. The point you're making...

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    Without saying what I do for a living. The point you're making often is used as a question, one of 25, in a Psychometric questionnaire to determine how much investment risk a person wants to and can tolerate. The results of the answers then fed into an algorithm.
    At times
    I have answered one way and others the other. The inconsitency is not problematic.
    So a few points given the method and question:
    Given the hundreds or times I've used it. I have a decent feel for the importance/ significance of it.
    I don't think it's the be all and end all on one particular stock, let alone element (U).
    Given I'm aware of it and it's it's importnce I make an effort to compensate for it.

    Now separtely, apart from the potential sarcasm in you fianal comment (let alone the 3 Tu's so far). I do wish you success in you endeavours and persevarance around uranium. For two reasons:
    1 ) for the amount you've invested in it.
    2) for you genuine efforts to help others on this thread.

    Not least becasue beacuse i think you and my efforts coem form the same palace.


    Sorry about the italics, I just couldn't reverse it.
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