pehaps they prefer slavery?

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    The DNC on its website says ....... “The Democratic Party is dedicated to fighting for the values that make America great, and we will never give up that fight. We will aggressively pursue our agenda in the coming months, and we need your help.” What crap.

    The Kerry campaign and the DNC were warned repeatedly by various parties that touch-screen voting machines made by Diebold and other companies were not trustworthy. The New York Times ran a series of editorials about this problem and other problems that could prevent the execution of a fair election.

    Despite these warnings, the DNC conducted the campaign without directly confronting the e-voting threat and the stooooopidity of an unaudited voting system. In addition there was the deliberate attempt on the part of Republican secretaries of state to discourage voting. Plenty of tricks there too.

    So where was this so called DEMOCRATIC party? They have not protected the people’s vote, the primary right that protects all other rights in a democracy. What idiots. Pehaps they prefer slavery?
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