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    Lets not dare discuss Sudan, the UN and access to Sudan Oil Reserves as there are 'diplomatic sensitivities' to observe

    6 October - The UN reports that "Sudan has failed to disarm militias or prevent more attacks in Darfur." Despite this "lack of progress", the UN Security Council is easing its pressure on Khartoum. There is no more talk about possible oil sanctions against Sudan but enhanced focus on African Union (AU) peacemakers, which also should be set to protect the displaced.

    The UN's top envoy to Sudan, Jan Pronk, yesterday told the Security Council that the Sudanese government had made no progress last month in either stopping militia attacks against civilians in Darfur, disarming those armed groups or prosecuting the individuals responsible for the worst atrocities.

    Mr Pronk told the Security Council's 15 members that, while Khartoum had not reversed the gains it had achieved in August, "there was no systematic improvement of people's security and no progress on ending impunity." In September, frequent and sometimes "atrocious" attacks by the militias, numerous breaches of the ceasefire by both the Sudanese government and the rebel groups, and an alarming rise in armed banditry had occurred, he said.

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