STU 0.00% 94.0¢ stuart petroleum limited

pe 4 with more to come

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    Finaly, we may get a rerating of STU!.

    Their half year NPAT today of $7.5m (mcap $65m) puts them on a PE of a little over 4.

    But given that their production profile increased by 94% in the Dec Qtr vs the Sept Qtr, I would expect their 2nd half to be even stronger again.

    Also, included in that $7.5m are most of the development costs associated with that increased production, which were brought to account in the 1st half.

    Also, STU's proven reserves are at an all-time high, so their production is not going to come to an abrupt halt either.

    So all that remains for STU's loyal shareholders is to sit back enjoy the record production, at US$100 bbl, and enjoy watching the rest of the market catch up with what we already knew!

    But DYOR.
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