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pdt newsletter with medical intevia focus.

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    gidday all,

    see below

    found this today on pdt site.
    new bi-weekly newsletter.
    gotta love it...


    ‘Mediwall’ will be the face of the connectivity
    and the primary hub for care. It will provide
    the ability to rapidly construct custom
    environments for diagnosis, monitoring and
    care with little or no reliance on established
    infrastructures. Full service standardized and
    connected healthcare will be available in
    traditional care centers, retail environments
    and as emergency installations in war zone or
    hostile environments.

    ‘Mediwall’ is a modular system used to
    construct the multiple elements required for
    21st century healthcare. Seamless
    connectivity will be enabled by Intevia®-
    internet connected, remotely controlled
    intelligent fasteners and sensors, securing
    components while controlling and
    communicating with other circuits and
    equipment and sensing their environments,
    (available today through TZ Limited).
    ‘Mediwall’ and Intevia® will enable a fully
    connected streamlined workflow for healthcare
    beyond traditional care environments. The
    widespread use of connected technology will
    eliminate fragmented processes and allow a
    lifetime of treatment to be instantly referenced
    improving workflow and efficiency. The quality
    of environment for both workers and patients
    will be greatly enhanced, accelerating growth
    and reducing patient recovery times.
    Equipment and devices will also have
    embedded intelligence, continually sensing
    patient statistics and their environment, not
    dissimilar to the abilities that many vehicles on
    the road have today. They will be programmed
    to react accordingly or take command remotely
    without the need for displacing a caregiver
    from their location, increasing reaction times
    and reducing fatigue. The pressures of patient
    to caregiver ratios will be alleviated as one
    caregiver will have the ability to remotelyaccess and respond to a patient real-time from
    any number of wirelessly connected devices,
    decentralizing costs and workforces.
    Currently, it takes approximately three minutes
    to verify a patient’s insurance eligibility via the
    phone or web upon admission. RFID tagging
    and biometric scanning will verify eligibility
    automatically as you arrive or enable a patient
    to ‘check in’ from home online. Insurance
    companies and care providers will be
    encouraged as cost reductions are dramatically
    reduced due to connectivity, speedier diagnosis
    and treatment. Providers will share the
    necessary information with insurance groups
    for them to determine coverage and costs
    accurately and in a timely manner. The rapid
    evolution of telehealth services will allow
    patients to be treated and monitored from
    home, linking them real-time via the internet to
    their informed primary healthcare providers.
    The advent of e-records and telehealth
    monitoring will enable patients and caregivers
    to automatically be sent emails of weekly or
    monthly progress with reminders of follow-up
    schedules. Recommendations on ways to
    optimize health will be sent as regularly as
    e-statements, all based upon the data gathered.
    Patients will be equipped with a ‘dashboard’
    providing unprecedented freedom and
    accessibility while replacing multiple control
    and communication devices found in today’s
    care centers. As a web enabled device, the
    ‘dashboard’ allows patients to remain
    connected throughout their experience, offering
    a means of communicating with loved ones and
    caregivers, controlling and accessing media,
    entertainment and their immediate
    environments. The dashboard will also enable
    caregivers to manage diet and medication
    cycles by connecting to dispensers and trays
    and controoling their sequence times and
    dosing. RFID technology will ensure the right
    medication is only dispensed to the correct
    patients, eliminating error.
    Personal experience is very often the most
    dynamic catalyst for evolution. PDT began to
    identify patterns and once the causes that
    affect those patterns were understood cues
    from parallel industries and solutions began to
    present themselves. The ‘Mediwall’ environment
    is the interface to a streamlined workflow
    that extends possibilities, improves efficiency
    and increases the quality of experience for both
    care givers and patients.
    -Tim J. Morton & Clifford Krapfl

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