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    i once read somewhere that the market is 90% sentiment this to my mind seems an accurate statement.

    At this time it seems market sentiment is somewhat low (although recovering) PDN has not changed fundamentally and in fact has given statments to the market of: Alleviating production problems, increased resource, and also ease in raising capital for future expansion, and yet the SP (overall) has not reacted favourably to these positive statements. Why? Herd mentallity fear SENTIMENT.

    There are ways ppl take advantage of sentiment

    1. Sell and re-buy at a lower price, Lets call this the (dull method)
    it does works but has many dangers involved with it as was shown last friday with PDNs turn around of 40cents in as many minutes.
    This method can be soul destroying as ppl become to scared to leave the screen for any amount of time and overdramitise even the smallest rise or fall, ppl using this system tend to be day traders,or investors who have had the living suitcase knocked out of them by huge market fluctuations that they have directly attributed too. (in many cases unbeknown to themselves)

    2. Warrants, call and put warrants,(future direction)the link below has at least another 20 ways of getting in to PDN, not to mention options and cfds


    You will notice far more CALL warrants than PUT warrants at this stage,(please follow link) buying warrant are like takeing a bet on the future direction of the SP of the company you are buying.

    Warrants also rely on sentiment, although, it is a future sentiment as they have an expiry date and also ratio's involved, it would appear with the amount of call versus put warrants that more ppl are expected to take the positive bet (changing sentiment)

    This underlying sentiment change, has the chance to cause major girations to the SP making the (dull Method) investor frustrated and even more indisive in their ramblings, also buyers of cfds, as the wave of future buyers becomes apparent gathers momentum and forces a lot of short sellers to start to cover, and belive it or not start investing again rather than devesting I know i have not discussed cfds at this stage but i am going to have breakfast, signing of in firm belief of a significant rise in the pdn sentiment

    Regards views

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