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pccw the telstra curse

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    The spectre of PCCW being delisted or at least being called to account in the US is likely to raise the unanswered question of what happened to $ 4 billion Telstra pumped into the albatross and then did a swap.

    PCCW is perhaps the largest hot air baloon afloat which remains afloat thanks to the pedigree of on Richard Li. Even in an 'anything goes' environment which Hong Kong and China are, the man's credentials are constantly under scrutiny and his companies underperforming.

    What I am sure many Australian and other shareholders of Telstra would surely like to kno is by what stroke of genius did Dr. Switkowski and his band of merry men find so much value in the PCCW and associated entities to pump so much money for so little return and so high a risk profile to boot?

    New tel is another example of local Telco's going into the big China black hole and comming out looking like Yosemite Sam from the lions den. How could people be so blind?

    Do investment analysts really know in any depth what it is they are buying from a client and selling to another? I raised the spectre of the New tel China deal being a bogey earlier this yer and late last year only to be told I was perhaps ranting and raving and a triffle jelouse.

    There is more to come. I still hold that the number of companies listed on our exchanges which are in breach of listing conditions and are either insolvent (and trading), illiquid (without the requiste asset base) or have a smaller shareholder base than is required, are being propped up by some select brokers and are in the vicinity of 30 in total numbers now (both counters).

    And guess what ? you are probably actively trading these stocks. The number will grow to over 50 in the new year I predict. The regulator is looking the other way and investors are flying blind.

    My prediction. Watch AMP, it will go down consderably in the next 3-6 months and will be the subject of a take over or carve up to strengthen its balance sheet.

    NAB and Westpac are two other banks that will go into play in the new year. Two telcos whom I am not allowed to name will go into voluntary liquidation although I believe one will be forced into it. (Not New Tel).

    The Barron's vs Gutnick matter will be settled out of court and not proceed to conclusion. There's too much that will be aired for the establishment if the Gutnick matter is allowed to proceed. The Nacham Godman fake charities and those who participated will have to be namd there will be no hiding.

    Media groups will use the US government to block and to prevent any attemp to create a precedent which will stiffle debate on the net or restrict the impact of the seamless worldwide net.

    The US government itself will have a lot to lose if it is allowed to proceed. More importantly there will be a lot of ruffled feathers as well there will be too many secrets uncovered from the Nacham Goldman web of intrigue which no one wants aired.


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