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    Political Correctness.
    The assumption is that there is only one correct way to manage many contentious social issues. And it is the supression of the Truth.
    Australia has had a big problem with Racism. We had the White Australia policy, famously summed up in the statement, Two Wongs don't make A White. We have gone past that: how by eventually changing our laws. That came about by open discussion, when one one hand shocking things were said, and on the some very wise things were said. Eventually Wisdom prevailed and we are as we are.
    Now we have the fact of Radical Islamic Terrorism. There is evidence of this allover the place. The president of the USA does not want to use the term out of pure PC .
    But even the galah walking down the street knows of RIT.
    As long as PC prevails then RIT will flourish in the darkness. All our community will be terrorised, including the Muslims. In fact the ordinary suburban Muslim family is the most terrorised.
    Call it for what it is, RIT. The terrorists all call out God is Great. That is a shocking sensation to sit there in your loungeroom and see the good name of your religion being dragged through the mud.
    Once there is no PC then all the elements of the social problem can be aired.
    It will be quickly seen that Banning Muslim Immigration is not a solution. Building walls is not a solution..
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