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    I haven't really had a lot of time to check recent posts but a couple of weeks ago I suggested to watch SLT, PBI and PRR. Well those who are leaving SLT will be sorry because it looks like a few late players to the market have been fairly consistent buyers until mid last week. Hence price weakening and the usual chicken run begins. And all I can say is just listen to those chickens squark over the ensuing weeks.

    But back to PBI. Those that took my advice would have had a 25% + gain in the last fortnight or so but just look at the volume starting to build and the price firm now. There's no doubt in my mind after last week's trading we are going to see a classic break-out.
    And the doubters ask why. It's obvious. The clinical trials on their obstructive sleep apnoea device are obviously finished and must be successful otherwise players close to the stock - in-laws, out-laws and people close to the test would be selling and the price would be weakening. But increasing price and volume match the time frame that is consistent with the milestones of the accelerated program and I'm telling you now that this stock will go ballistic over the next week or two.
    We are still in the early stages of a true biomed breakout because all the positive announcements are yet to hit the market. Just wait until it reaches contract stage and the big players in the sleep apnoea market want some of the action.

    The other stock I mentioned was PRR and it'll be just dandy because its milestone timeframe is bang on track and the options would have been dated on that. So my prediction is all three are going to go well over the next couple of months but particularly PBI over the next week or two because it's just entering a breakout mode.
    Let's just see how close to the money I am.

    Bye for now
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