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Investor 2009, that post (the one I'm replying to) was pure...

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    Investor 2009, that post (the one I'm replying to) was pure plagiarism with no true indication that you had taken it word for word from another stock site.
    Had I realised earlier, I'd have moderated the post, but now it's gone so far, and a lot of people have given you a thumbs up for someone elses work, I'll leave it.

    Perhaps the thumb givers will feel annoyed enough to go and retract them!

    You probably caused a LOT of people that read the other site too to believe you actually ARE the poster who made the initial post. (I noted he says he doesn't post on HC, and the IP addresses are different)

    A name in brackets at the end of your post is NOT sufficient to acknowledge the true author.
    Please don't ever do that again - you need to say you are copying a post from another forum and give proper acknowledgement.

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