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pay heed to looksmart big changes coming!!!!

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    "..recommended that folks pay heed to Wisenut.."

    Yes, interesting things are a-foot in the search distribution arena in Q4 2002 and Q1 2003. With all the recent acquisitions, most of the significant pay-per-click search engines now own free crawlers and/or pay-for-inclusion services. Yahoo+Inktomi, Overture+AV, Looksmart+Wisenut, AskJeeves+Teoma, Lycos+FAST.

    The industry continues to evolve and since paid placement programs are actually profitable, the stakes are getting higher. For in-house search marketers, those stakes include a lot of traffic and whether you'll get it for free or have to dish for it.

    In the very near term, there could be significant changes in search distribution with direct implications for traffic. For many sites, Google accounts for 50% of our search traffic--or even of all traffic. Yahoo, MSN search and AOL search account for the majority of the rest. The Google traffic will likely be pretty stable for most sites practicing safe SEM (in Google's case, by following their published webmaster guidelines). However, the Yahoo and MSN pieces could evolve significantly over the near to mid term.

    MSN currently powers its search.msn.com search property with Looksmart and Overture for paid results and Inktomi for free crawler backup results. Since Inktomi is now owned by a competitor, it's possible that MSN will drop Inktomi, seeking a new crawler partner. Both Overture and Looksmart now have this to offer. (MSN considers Google a competitor so it would be very surprising to see any partnership there.)

    <>, through ad reps and in public forums, has been slavering over the possibility of getting Wisenut into MSN's SERPs. At this point, it's impossible to tell whether this is pure wishful thinking or based on something they know that we don't.

    Prudent search marketers will be ready for moves in either direction. Even Google's anonymous spokesman on the WebMasterWorld forums recently recommended that folks pay heed to Wisenut. AltaVista and FAST are also worth attending to based on the assumption that Overture will be working hard to do something public and useful with its new acquisitions... what better splash than MSN? In the meantime, Looksmart's LookListings PPC directory product and Overture's listings are viable paid means for getting in front of MSN's searching audience.


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