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Pay day

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    i would not say much about my ways of trying to make moeny on the stock market , to some of you my investments is chicken feed, yet I have a go a hold hope that one day I get that little head start I am looking for .

    We as most people of this form buy an sell shares. . To make moeny for our future .
    So why is management. Alound to sell shares to to make a profit or in crease is cash at which time is a good or bad time for them to sell , as we all do our self. Asx has rule s on selling
    Will this spook a few people as well as the poor tooth brush line which is not dead in the water obj has all ways been a little slow a poor on its reporting methods to some people way of thinking .
    This company is the groth stage an is not ripe for fruiting

    What's your throughts
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