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    As aimforsimon has already pointed out, dividend announcements are not made when quarterly cash flow results are released, they are announced in preliminary final reports, another few weeks away. As I posted elsewhere, it is in the company's interests not to dilute the shares and to grow the share price in order to reap a windfall of options - ASCOB - $50 million cash in bank for company in a year and a half's time if they can get the price up to $1.00. The quarterly cash flow showed the business is doing very well so why worry? Like you I hope management makes sensible acquisitions and I see a nice fit with an online gambling stock to take advantage of big web traffic to ASC's sites or just a buyback. I don't think they will fritter away shareholder value, that mistake has been made before and given the disappointing reaction of the market to last week's result ASC will now focus on doing what the market wants in terms of future strategy - synergistic acquisition, maybe a small dividend or buyback. That is my hope anyway.
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