pauline hanson, i don't want her out!

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    I'm thoroughly bemused by all this "poor Pauline" BS! She was an illiterate idiot, looking after her own interests first, got conned by some wise guys (also looking after their own interests first) who tried to shake the media enough to turn the spotlight on them. None of them, I'm sure, really wanted to be in politics for any other reason than to use it as a stepping stone for some other cushy job -in the case of Pauline, anything would be better than a fish 'n chip shop, perhaps some TV endorsements and suchlike. They were ALL far too wise! They were trying to play a game they knew nothing about. They failed miserably and in the process they misled, defrauded and played the media for all it's worth. They got caught. They're paying the price. Too high? No point in comparing their price with the price others paid. The others paid for different things.
    There's also the case where there are many other offences not disclosed because of her own will to plead guilty. I don't think in this case the jury had any choice.

    In any case, stop turning her into a hero, she was just another self-serving idiot.
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