pauline hanson - are we a nazi country?

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    Pauline Hanson gets 3 years, no bail allowed and for what??? Because she slipped up on the paperwork?

    She could easily have got 500 signitures but probably didn't read the find print of exactly what was needed. Big deal.

    If they couldn't pin her for this I'm sure the Liberal parties "fighting fund" would have pinned something else on her. Perhaps some other dodgy violation that no-one has ever heard of.

    To make things worse the Labor party are now putting child prostitutes to work in their brothels and what do they get for that? One small article in the newspaper telling them it's wrong.

    This country is increasingly becoming a one party system. Forget the difference between liberal and labor, it's one big club now. We are becoming a Nazi country, the next thing will be the enableing act and turning into a police state.

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