Paucity of Leadership

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    My most recent communication with Mark Steyn follows (after his recent defense of Abbott);

    Abbott’s demise can be traced back to his first budget. A complete and utter disaster which showed how out of touch he was with reality. The lack of equity underlined his sycophantic subservience to the ‘’big end of town’’. My politics are a lot more to the right of Tony Abbott and, yes, I am wealthy, but even I could see right through the nonsense of his first budget where he loaded it up on the poor and disadvantaged and let us rich carry on our plunder of the nation’s assets.

    The image of Hockey and his sidekick, Corman smoking big cigars in smug self-satisfaction after delivering that utterly incompetent budget will forever encapsulate that failed Abbott Government.

    Abbott was schooled under Howard, the man who introduced middle class welfare into Australia. In a time when any idiot could have managed a booming economy he squandered the money on all manner of handouts to his favourite people i.e. the middle class and, of course, the wealthy. Nary a major infrastructure project was introduced. NOT ONE in all that time of largesse. He was, and remains, a mediocre suburban lawyer whose major achievement was to turn his eyebrow hair into a work of art.

    As for Turnbull I agree 100% with your assessment of him.

    Alas we are in a time of utterly mediocre ‘’leadership’’. The ability to define an exciting and great vison and bring the people with you is non-existent in Australia.

    All we have now is the choice between a Union gnome, a flim-flam man and the cowardly Abbott who could not even keep a PA under control.

    Donald Horne got it right

    'Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck."

    At 91 I have run my race and have done my best to instil in my children and grandchildren the attitudes of fairness and equity for all. I can only hope I have succeeded.
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