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    I would think there is a lot of emotion in all the threads here..and why not....if one puts money into a stock it is not to see it halve in value as it did here last week...

    I feel (and perhaps it will be proved wrong)..that the management is inexperienced....they cant be all of Don Argus or D Cheney quality....

    I believe they have a good product and I can understand the statements you all have made AND I AGREE ....but they are out of their depth dealing with Malaysia and moreso China....even our reverred leader RUDD has problems and has to throw money at them. and cant make a decision...At least NBS have some friends in their government..not just a hand shake and flick of the hair as with Kevin.

    I think NBS have a great product...we need to wait for the AGM....see what they have to say about China,Vietnam and Malaysia.....what about the USA and the other contracts....There is no debt...a lot of cash.

    A great business and inexperience at the top....they will learn....ask the questions at the AGM.

    I hope it all comes to fruition......be PATIENT


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