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patience, my dear mr hardmano, patience i say

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    This is Mr Lincoln Augustus, firsr second cousin of Holymagiman.

    We are just settling down to some fish head curry and rice for dinner, and I can tell you all that wahoo head does make for some good eating.

    And with a few bottles of Red Stripe and a few smokes of the ecsellent Jamaica Numba One Golden Grenadier, who could ask for more.

    And my thoughts stray to my dear dear friend mr Hardmano. I have been lax in answering him when he asked me the following very simple question on 8th December on the OIP site:

    "Holy, On the ESG thread many of your comments have been well informed and your expectations have been correct ... although your expectation back in July/August that all was good and we would see "massive reserves upgrades over coming months" has proven to be off the mark."

    I was loath to respond at that time as it would have been most intemperate on my part and in any case, the question was really self answering..."massive reserves over COMING months."

    So we are happy and content here in our humble surroundings, smoking the smoking and talking the talking and dreaming the dreams which perchance will come true by and by, and we look forward to more lovely wahoo days in the sun.

    We hope that you will likewise be happy and remain content as your Christmases draw nearer.

    Blessing of the Lord

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