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patience is a virtue

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    I have had to display great patience in the last few days. would love to be able to follow this non stop all day as i would buy and sell on highs and lows, but i dont as it can take off without notice, and being at work doesnt help. So i have been watching my value slowly go down, CNP down 23k and CER Down 9k. The worst thing is i have exhausted my funds, so no buying at these levels for me.

    It was good to see no crap in the papers today. A little letter must have put them all in there place.

    Now hopefully we have bottomed and will either stay around this price, but fingers crossed we rise some what on expectations of a good result next week.

    Monday was like waking up on christmas day only to be told sorry its not for another two weeks.

    Last week we all could have lost the lot, So having the price dwindle away this week to where we are now should still be looked upon as a positive, as we are still trading!!!
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