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Pathetic response from management

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    I emailed the company yesterday to ask why there has been no announcement regarding Company direction...or even an update...for 3 months! I also suggested that considering nothing has happened for 3 months, maybe the Directors should reimburse VTX shareholders 25% of their wage   
    I received this feeble response today:

    "I refer you to the announcement dated 5 December that the Company had finalised the SPP shortfall raise where it was stated the funds raised would “be used for due diligence associated with the proposed sale of the ShieldLiner System, due diligence associated with new project appraisal and for working capital purposes”.

    These processes are ongoing and generally subject to confidentiality requirements until such point that any developments in this regard become market sensitive.
    In this event, an announcement will be made."

    This waiting, manipulating, propping and other BS going on is unacceptable!

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