pathetic promotion by xta, page-3

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    yep they sure did get them for a song, guess they were lucky on a couple of things.

    1. chairman tut and some of his directors were totally incompantent clowns and recomended the bid.

    2. there were lots of shonky deals done buy these clowns like grant samual valuation and clauses like some got huge bonuses if deal went through.

    3. john laws even grabbed a few quick dollars (like he usually does) and blabbered on about how good the deal was.

    4. Robert gobleibson even wrote how the deal favoured xta so much trouble was he wrote after the vote was taken, good effort by him there.

    Tutt mcdonald should be in jail the incompetent idiots

    guess xta wont find it so easy this time with wmr
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