past oil strike flyers

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    Mornin' all,

    AC mentioned the other day that there weren't too many high flyers as a result of wells coming in these days. Of course he is right but that set me thinking down memory lane...

    Strata oil (Woodada) 15c to 2.70
    Claremont (Jackson) 13c to 1.70
    Vamgas (Blina!!!!) 1.50 to 12.50
    OCA (not sure this a strike??)20c to 2.50
    Weeks Australia (Jabiru) 20c to 2.00
    Canada North West (forget) 13c to 75c
    Cultus (Cornea) ?50c to 4.50
    Command (Gobe then India) ?20c to 1.50
    Pacrim (Manila Bay ,..fizz) 8c to 75c
    Bligh (?Us Gas) 20c to 80c
    Petroz (Undan Bayou) ? to 1.50?
    Petsec (Sequential GOM) 20c to 8.00
    Amity (1996 Gas ?name) 20c to 1.50
    Amity (Grocerler) 25c to 1.25
    Hardman (Chinguetti) 32c to 1.10
    Arq (Hovea) 11c to 70c

    Oh and there must have been Woodside - just before my time but I think a few cents to 1.00 initially. Santos I think used to be quite cheap to?

    There has to be more to add to that list its just from memory mostly and prices don't include the run up or subsidence phases (eg HDR). Most charged up straight away, others gradually (eg Arq), many collapsed again, some immediately as shows turned out not so good, some got into trouble (Claremont) some were taken over.

    Just as an aside in an old record book I see Mt Kersey mines bought 23c and sold 2.95 now what was that all about, I can't remember but better than all of the above, most of which I wasn't in anyway.

    Hey B2, I see now why I bought those Jackson Gold you don't like - it must have been the name ringing a positive bell in the subconcious. And what happened to these on Friday last ten minute trading (bit suss??).

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