LGL 0.00% $4.48 lihir gold limited.

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    What on Earth caused all the craziness yesterday? I mean the $US was tanking; it got as low as 80.08 on the index when I looked, crude was going up all day, yet LGL was aggressively sold off! So, I bought 100k shares didn't I?

    Ah yes, and those like me yesterday should be vindicated with a nice tidy profit today as bullion adds $US8; there's more room for the $US to tank, and oil heads towards $US80 a barrel.

    Yesterday was an absolute lay down misere for anyone who watches the market, I mean the signals were coming thick and fast that LGL was oversold but the sellers just kept appearing. Bloody bizarre!

    Oh well, maybe I can make $10k today with no real effort.....we'll see.
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