MYG 0.00% 4.6¢ mutiny gold limited

Party"s Over

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    Well it looks like the partys over . Best change my sentiment to sell and position to - not held - albeit a tad premature.
    Very soon Mutineeers will hold shares in an operational mine. Mick49 recently posted a good veiw of the sentiment of longer term holders of MYG . One can only hope that the management of DRM do not behave in such an unprofessional manner. From what I have seen and read thus far it appears there is far more decorum amongst their ranks. Granted however that my statement is driven by the poor form of one individual that pretty much screwed MYG .

    Bring it on DRM . Its now time to deliver some secondary challenges to long term holders of MYG to recoup some hefty loses.
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