MBP 3.23% 3.0¢ metabolic pharmaceuticals limited

partnership deal...

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    Based on yesterday purchase of 1 single parcel around 250K shares at 64.5cents, I believe an announcement is coming ...today? It would have to be a very positive news for this guy to spend over AUD$160,000 buying at 64.5cents and not wait to buy bits at a time at lower price.

    Going by the last few past announcements, only thing I see coming now is Partnership deal! ( with a giant pharma global company)..

    Director is buying the stock this month which is always a good sign.

    MBP is seeking to enter a market worth over $5 Billions annually!

    All in all, I believe this dog is set to become a turn around story with the new CEO & CFO on boards..

    Pls do your own research before buying or selling...
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