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partner is "a tremendous brand" says jurgen, page-17

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    Agree FTB. This is the best news we have had to date. I really feel this time round traders want everything dished up on a platter before they are willing to buy with gusto. With all the downramping and attacks on managements ability, mental state, personal life etc, etc. of late is it any wonder?

    Must admit i was happily surprised at the sp today as after the ann. the risks have been significantly decreased, yet you can buy at a massive discount to the risked/unrisked value of Artemis alone. This company will be worth a lot more soon IMO. I always had a small parcel i was going to add on announcement of a deal. Well rather than wait any longer to hear who the partner is, i bought today as i feel once we know who we have on board the number of shares i could have purchased may have almost halved.

    I can understand those that are waiting to hear the full details of the jv but they will be paying a premium to get onboard.

    I think its funny all the badmouthing the company has received in the last couple of months and think the critics will be silenced before long. IMO Jurgen and the team have been doing a great job laying the foundations for a bright future. Time will tell but i think there may be a few left eating their words as they have had their narrow minds focussed on Artemis and getting a quick buck, management have been working overtime setting MEO up for the LT. We may well be witnessing the early stages of the next big thing??
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