Paris riots over carbon tax

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    The yellow shirts who are rioting in Paris are workers who use transport to make a living.

    Macron raised the price of fuel by about 23% as a carbon tax. The idea is that people will use less fuel and hence save the planet. However many transport workers are seeing their income fill Macron's coffers instead.

    "The protests are over nationwide fury about the rise of fuel costs with diesel, the most commonly used fuel in French cars, rising by around 23 percent over the past 12 months to an average of €1.51 (£1.32) per litre."

    As with all applications of carbon type taxes it is the working class that suffers. In the case of Macron he is being revealed as just another wannabe  pompous terd.

    We are all familiar with their fantasy climate "Models". Luckily they are riddled with so many variables that it is impossible to ever know if any of these policies are going to reduce temperatures.
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