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PAR-Areas of competency and ready to race

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    A Venn Diagram is typically used to show overlapping/intersecting areas of commonality and are often used in maths depicting the probability of certain events.

    A Venn diagram, used to depict areas that overlap, that intersect

    Mozz, why are we today getting a lesson in maths and what at all does this have anything to do with PAR? Read on dear reader, all will become apparent very very soon.

    PAR-Areas of competency and ready to race.

    Perhaps more aimed at the new users, you seasoned guys know all this, we have a number of competencies, some of which quite rare and unique, tonight let me articulate the main ones and illustrate just what a unique investment we have right in our palms.

    1- OA is suffered by a large number of people, estimates are running at around 100 million just in the developed world.

    2-There is nothing out there that halts the disease let alone regresses it to any extent, many have tried.

    3-The little remedies out there give only a comparatively small pain relief and they result in not only AE’s but are addictive in some cases which can even result in death.

    4- Usually supply of the product/drug is either constrained OR it’s easily reproducible, we have both areas covered, our supply is locked up and its hard to reproduce. On top of that we have patents and the FDA under the 505 pathway should give us exclusivity of 5 years.

    5- In a number of companies both here and abroad, management are useless and don’t know how to grow a company carefully or manage resources. We not only have a brilliant team but we have vast experience and have experts batting for us.

    6- We aren’t a one trick pony. We have a number of stallions in the stable and these are gold thoroughbreds waiting to annihilate not only the competition but the disease itself. OA and MPS are both potentially Blockbusters, there are so many other indications that could be addressable in the future. Even the possibility of Hay Fever and RA are just two large ones.

    Multiple Stallions in the PAR stable

    7- Mate, we are an Australian good is that? We can easily contact management and the AGM is accessible too.

    8- It’s still an early story, often we miss the boat (CSL?!) as we get on board too late, yes of course the share price has jumped from an IPO price of just 35c to now $4 me, it's early, the real excitement is yet to come (my views).

    A Venn diagram approach to what we own! Red area above is the area of commonality, all these great 8 points come together to give us a higher chance of ultimate success. Unique? Exciting? Opportunities? A good probability? I reckon it's a yes to those....

    Disclaimers: Just my thoughts here, DOYR is the best strategy. We don’t know the future.There will be downs as well as ups...never invest more than you can actually afford to lose. Now this is a race we have a good chance of winning and by more than a nose, a length or knees and hips for that matter!.
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