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PAR and a Virus...

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    PAR and a virus

    Ok this post I have escalated on my "posts to do" as Wazza late last night, requested some info on the possiblity of Par acting on a virus.While certainly I'm not qualified to say, there IS SOME research on PPS and a particular virus.

    That virus is the HIV virus.

    The study in question dates back to 2001. I could have titled this one "Opening a can of worms" as the abstract of the study is mind bogglingly full of science garb. I've had to wade through it but here is my interpretation. Again, happy to be corrected here by some of you more scientifically inclined Hot Copperians. You know, one day after all of our trials have passed Im going to organise an interview with Ravi (CSO)for like half a day and just continuously ask him all these scientific terminologies and questions that I have. I think I will need a beer or four after that discussion though. I did spend about 15 mins with him after the AGM but time was so precious so we couldn't cover much!.

    Ok back to the interpretation of PAR and a virus.Here is the link to the study:

    Seriously, if any of you can explain this in simpleton terms, I wanna be the first to read it. Ok *deep breath* let's have a crack...

    "HIV-1 Tat protein, released from HIV-infected cells, may act as a pleiotropic heparin-binding growth factor"

    Ok I need to break almost each word down.If you have cells that are infected with the HIV virus then they are going to secrete HIV-1 Tat proteins.

    Pleiotropic1 simply means that one particular gene can result in multiple effects, example is a gene called Marfan which can result in longer phalanges2 (toes, fingers) [hey I learn't that word back in Year 9 Phys Ed and I still remember it, maybe I should have been a medico?]

    Heparin Binding Growth Factor ain't a good thing, it's essentially the equivalent of allowing a tumor (unwanted bad cell growth) to occur/proliferate.Heparin3 is a term I keep coming across, let's define it. Ok so this is classic us, see the definition below:

    Where have you guys heard about Saccharides before? Hint, it's a sugar molecule...more of a hint..PPS is also a sugar composition. Pent = 5 ...we have Pentosan meaning 5 carbon sugar molecules.. yes yes this is quite sciency I know I know........ We also know officially from various PAR announcements detailing that PPS is a known anticoagulant. Want me to define that as well? (This is starting to remind me of that movie with a dream within a dream within a dream [Inception], there are so many levels as you go deeper)...
    I come across one scientific expression, it is comprised of more scientific terms and then I go into just one definition of one of those terms and again it comes back with scientific terms ...where does this end?

    ok Anticoagulant simply means reducing the effect of blood clotting. Ie Blood thinner, we know PPS has this property to a mild extent.Ok back to the study, the study goes on to proclaim "Here we demonstrate that the heparin analog pentosan polysulfate (PPS) inhibits the interaction of glutathione S-transferase (GST)-Tat protein with heparin immobilized to a BIAcore sensor chip". Basically this is saying, In my view, that PPS stops or inhibits this interaction in other words slowing or stopping the unwanted virus.

    Pardigmers, what do we have here? Do we understand what we own? Do we realise how vast this could be one day? Sure Im talking about stuff that we are literally years away from... But maybe this is yet another indication we may work one day in the future.

    Please don't just rely on my simpleton interpretations...go to the study itself...their conclusion?

    "PPS may represent a prototypic molecule for the development of novel Tat antagonists with therapeutic implications in AIDS and AIDS-associated pathologies, including Kaposi's sarcoma".

    Wazza? Hope that answers your question? Yes there COULD be some potential here but it ain't an overnight fix and I personally have little to no clue as to whether this can be applied to other such viruses as 2019-nCoV. More research needs to be done... more clinical trials...but what a good can of worms it might turn out to be?

    PS: Guess what I just got back from? Elton John concert in Hanging Rock which is about 77 kms north west of Melb. How the heck is that at all relevant to this topic Mozzarc? He is one of the biggest sponsors for sufferers of HIV through his charity fund - needless to say his concert was brilliant, really enjoyed it!

    PPS: No more scientific interpretations/questions for me at least for a head is spinning..where is that beer? Can anyone of you shout me one? rolleyes.png

    PPPS: Yes this stock is still a buy sentiment in my's a bargain still at $4.13 or whatever, I continue to buy in small doses (NOT advice!!)...Thanks Absentfriend for pointing out my prediction, astute of you.


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