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Panoramics 25% rise over the last week

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    Anyone have any ideas as to the rise of PAN's share price

    The volume has gone up a chunk, and the rise has been steady with no real pull backs

    Whilst I'm a great fan, it seems something really is up with the company. So far I can come up with a few ideas but I cant work out what in particular for the consistent rise.

    Choices so far:
    A. The MD did a really good presentation at the CLSA Base Metals Day
    B. Nickel price seems to be grinding higher, but its almost like its going to jump a chunk if you follow the motions. Where other base metals have dropped (although they also have risen), nickel rarely has declined
    C. China's laterite nickel ore port inventories dropped significantly again... for the squillionth week in a row, and they will probably run out around April/May altogether. Although the LME inventories rose over the last part of 2014, I think this had a lot to do with China's bonded warehouse corruption issues... or someones hoarding it for the predicted shortage this year... or both
    D. Someones building up a sizeable holding (apart from me.... lol... I wish )
    E. There's something cooking with the drilling after the initial new hits at Lanfranchi two weeks ago. Maybe its leaking? or maybe not
    F. All the brokers reports are positive, 5 or 6 are buys/overweight and only one is neutral
    G. Just general market sentiment on Nickel Stocks... WSA, SIR and MCR have also risen a chunk
    H. Some combination of the above
    I. Its just the chicken innards pushing it up

    Its not like theres a heap of shorts on it... so I dont think its someone playing silly buggers, and it cant be a pump and dump as its been going on for too long... not to mention the fact that Panoramic is hardly mentioned in Hot Copper.

    Anyone got any other ideas/suggestions.
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