panopolous and bolt: wash your mouths out!

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    The backbencher who tells Muslims how to behave

    Barry Everingham writes:

    Now that the Telstra sale can go ahead, the unusually silent motor mouth of the federal parliament, Sophie Panopolous, whose electorate is mainly rural, is again in full flight.

    This time she's giving gratuitous advice to Muslim school girls, telling them to leave their headscarves at home. Attacking the "politically correct" notion that a ban shouldn't be debated, Panopoulos said yesterday that they should wear the official school uniform. "For a lot of younger people it seems to be more an act of rebellion than anything," she said. Presumably, the next minority on her hit list will be young orthodox Jewish men and their black hats and then she can have fun with the kerchiefs worn by Jehovah Witness women.

    Panopolous, friend of the disgraced Liberal Noel Crichton- Browne, is singing from the same page of the racist's hymn book as other lunar right wingers, marginalising Australians who dare to be different and whose non-frightening values are now under awesome scrutiny.

    There is a delicious irony that Panopolous, who is of Greek extraction, and her ultra-conservative colleague Andrew Bolt, himself of Dutch background, have forsaken the traditional liberal and accepting values of their ancestry to indulge in narrow stereotyping of their fellow Australians.
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