panic sellers?

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    Have just returned to Hotcopper to see the big turnover in AVL shares.

    For well over 1 million shares to be unloaded in a short time with the share price moving marginally down shows strength.

    We know the story of this company.
    Any minor hiccup will not concern.

    So where did all the sellers come from?

    1. Panic selling? - possible but hardly likely IMHO.
    2. Someone unloading to cover options excise? More likely!
    3. Institution unloading! More likely again. Institutions often have a limit on holding of any one company. Let's say one company should be no more than 5% of total portfolio. From time to time when shares in one company increase to bring its total value beyond the maximum 5% then some shares are unloaded at a profit to bring total percentage down.
    4. A combination of 1,2 & 3.

    Possibly time will tell.

    However continue to predict that mid to late April will see the next leg up in Anvil share price to new record highs.
    Also predicting that market recognition of Anvil will become more manifest at the same time.

    Anything close to 90 cents in April moving closer to $1.50 after first day trading on TSX and successful implementation of stage 2.

    A little less conservative than in the past - but perhaps very justifiably.


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