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    Cant understand what you people are doing. Having held heaps all this time and been happy to do so, why the hell are you all panicing when , for the first time in a long time, there are some positive announcements. Suddenly everyone thinks must sell. My thoughts are that all the instos have a book position, have made their pre-determined proifts, the computers say sell and reinvest. O.K. What about US? I say good luck to them, but I started Buying this stock in 1992 and bought the last lot at 18 cents you know when, and shake the tree as much as you like, but having put up with all the pain I am damned if they are going to get my profit, or get me to bail out before I get a reasonable return. What is a reasonable return? How the hell do I know. What I do Know is that at last things are starting to happen. If it was good enough to hold all this time, when nothing was happening, it is going to be a heap better holding when deals are being signed. I will sell, but not today mate. Maybe Earnie was right. Perhaps GOOD THINGS DO COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT. I'm waiting to see. Dryan
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