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panflu limericks

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    Avian Flu Talk have a limerick thread:

    I've just added my bit of subtle propaganda, so I thought I'd share,

    The science would indicate,
    we're leaving it far too late,
    to question the spin,
    that Tamiflu will win,
    now that's putting all your eggs in one crate.

    Hold on, there's Relenza you say
    for when Tamiflu, birdflu, does not slay.
    But production's too slow,
    some kind of quid pro quo,
    between Roche and their buddies, GSK.

    Still there's hope, every day in the news,
    companies announce a new compound to choose.
    The share price goes up miles,
    and after ten years of trials,
    with luck it might even be safe to use.

    No man is an island, it's true,
    and yet when pandemic birdflu comes true,
    I won't waste a day,
    I'll be running away,
    from people that haven't a clue.


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