Palmer spends $28,822,428 in 2013 elections.

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    The breakdown is Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd, the entity for his loss-making nickel refinery in Townsville ($15,216,476); the loss-making flagship company Mineralogy Pty Ltd ($8,238,691); the loss-making dinosaur park on the Sunshine Coast, Palmer Coolum Resort Pty Ltd ($2,285,849); and Mr Palmer’s personal contribution ($101,833).
    A further $2,828,547 went to the PUP courtesy of the AEC — as taxpayer-funded payment in recognition of the number of votes the PUP received across the country in 2013 and in the subsequent Senate re-run in Western Australia.
    The contribution from the AEC and the other sums means that PUP received a total of $28,822,428 in the financial year to June 30, 2014.

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    That works out at >$9mill per senator. Why are people so influenced by advertising by buffoons?
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